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Paintball Adventures is Colorado most played on paintball woodsball field.  Scenario paintball at its best at PBA.



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The Pro-Shop is closed till further notice.

Winter Hours 10am - 4pm !

The days are shorter and the nights are colder! Winter hours are here.!

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2 for 1 Weekends

Keep an eye open for our 2 for 1 weekends are the third weekend of every month. Entry fee is only $10.00 on these weekends.

Updated:Sept.27th 2015


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Paintball Adventures

  1. What do I need & what to expect?
  2. Does it hurt and what protection should I use?
  3. Why do balls always seem to be chopping?
  4. What is paintball?
  5. Is it safe?
  6. How can I play safe?

What do I need & what to expect?

Don't' fear, this question gets asked of the staff daily. There are a few simple things to do in preparation for your first day of play. The staff at Paintball Adventures recommends the following:

  • Wear durable long sleeve pants and shirt. Something that you don't mind raking through the dirt and    trees. We don't recommend short sleeve shirts or shorts at anytime.
  • If available, wear high top style boots or shoes. We recommend anything that provides superior ankle support.
  • Bring a hat (baseball, Boone etc.) or adequate head wear to cover your head. Wearing head cover protects the head as well as aiding in the prevention of goggle fog from perspiration.
  • Bring gloves. Thin leather or garden gloves work well or half finger styles.
  • Your playing a high adrenaline sport, drink plenty of water the night before and during the day to avoid dehydration.
  • Leave anything you consider a valuable at home. The physical nature of the game can cause them to disappear in the filed. This includes necklaces, bracelets and other forms of jewelry.
  •  Make every attempt to avoid carrying car keys and wallets onto the field if at all possible.
  • Beyond clothing, PBA has all the essential equipment you'll need to participate. Knives, tools and other various instruments are not allowed on the playing field so leave them in the car or at home.

Now that we've covered the basics, lets move on. The PBA staff will be your guides throughout the day. Referee's will oversee all the aspects of safety and instruction on how to operate the equipment. After you've registered, you'll be given what is called the " orientation". There you will be given the fields rules of play and general safety guidelines. New players are walked through these procedures before taking to the field.

Throughout your days play, feel free to ask questions of any of our staff. Their first job is safety but they are there to instruct as well. If you're feeling tired or fatigued, don't over do it. Players are not required to participate in every game of the day. Simply take the break you need and join the next game when it starts. The head ref will announce the start of every game in the staging area generally 10 minutes before departing to the field.

Remember, play fair, play smart and have a great time!

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Does it hurt and what protection should I use?

  • First prepare to slide and shoot on your knees because some bunkers are meant for playing in a kneeling or prone position. Some good things to wear if you have them are: knee pads, elbow pads, shin guards, chest protector, baseball cap, protective cup, and neck guard. The gear with regards to protecting the extremities is for sliding protection and reducing the feel from being hit by paintballs.

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Why are the balls always chopping?

  • Clean your barrel, check your hopper for any breaks and make sure that you get the right type of high quality balls. That is one of the reasons we require field paint as we use a special field formulation for constancy.
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What is paintball?

  • It's a sport in which a bunch of adults (loosely defined) go out in the woods or specially designed fields and relive our childhood by playing capture the flag. Only, in this game each player has a gun that fires gelatin capsules filled with a water-soluble marking dye. If you're shot and marked, you're out of the game and have to wait until the next one starts. The most common variation is two teams at opposite ends of a playing field, each with a flag hung at 'home base.' The object is to go get the other team's flag and bring it back to your base. When you encounter people on the other team, you try to tag them out before they get you. Pretty simple and lots of fun.
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Is it safe?

  • Like all action sports (football, racquetball, basket-ball, hockey, etc.) paintball is potentially dangerous unless adequate protection is worn (most importantly: eye protection) and safety rules are understood and followed. Most paintball guns shoot a 68 caliber paint pellet.Girls Play Paintball too! The pellet is a thin plastic shell filled with a water soluble paint. Guns shoot the pellets at a speed of 200 to 300 feet per second. Since the paint pellets are fairly light (only weighing a few grams each), they have little momentum while in flight, and thus are not lethal like the heavy lead projectile s fired from conventional firearms. In addition to using a non-lethal projectile, paintball players *always* wear protective goggles to protect their eyes and usually wear masks covering the rest of their face as well. Safety is highly stressed at most fields. Many fields require goggles be worn at all times unless in designated areas. Many fields also require that barrel plugs (plastic inserts that prevent projectiles from leaving your gun's barrel) be used while players are in certain areas. Ignoring safety is a good way to get yourself ejected from a field.

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How can I play safe?

  • Do not shoot animals or wildlife. Never shoot in the staging area. Do not fire your paint gun anywhere except on the field during the game or in the designated chronograph area/shooting range. Inspect the lens of your goggles for cracks or signs of weakness. Make sure your mask is well seated and will not come off during the game. Make sure the velocity of your paint gun is below 300 feet per second. Always assume the gun is loaded; even if you know otherwise. Always assume safety devices won't work. Unload the gun when not in use. Upon receiving or retrieving a gun check if it's loaded. Anytime you are carrying a paintball gun in a 'safe zone' such as the parking lot or staging area where people are not wearing goggles, you MUST have a barrel plug in the barrel. If possible engage the safety or turn off the air supply, so the paintball gun will not fire accidentally. Know the rules of the game and abide by them. Never remove facemasks or goggles while on the field. Do not play when very tired or hungry. Bring food or money to buy food from field. Most injuries occur at the end of the day when players are exhausted. NEVER look down the barrel. Not even with protection. If barrel needs checking remove from the gun and check. If the barrel cannot be removed, disconnect all CO2/CA equipment, test fire the gun downrange until no more air is left in the gun, clear the breech or ball loading area, and then, carefully and while wearing goggles, glance down the barrel. Notify the field owner or manager of any medical conditions, allergies etc.
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Hours of Operation
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Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm(Reservations Only)
Summer Friday's Noon - 5pm(Walk-ons and groups)
Saturday - Sunday 9am - 5pm(Walk-ons and groups)

Directions to pro shop and field

Directions to the ProShop(Click Below):
Closed till further notice!

Directions to the Field(Click Below):
7375 Reynolds Dr. Sedalia Co. 80135

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