Paintball Adventures

Paintball Adventures Field Directions: 7375 Reynolds Dr. Sedalia, CO  80135



  • Pro-Shop
    Closed till further notice
  • Field
    Mon. - Fri. 10am - 4pm
    (Reservations Only)
  • Sat. - Sun. 10am - 4pm
    (Winter Hours)

Call 303-762-6160


The Pro-Shop is closed till further notice.

Winter Hours 10am - 4pm !

The days are shorter and the nights are colder! Winter hours are here.!

Inclimate Weather
Call 303-762-6160 before you come down!

2 for 1 Weekends

Keep an eye open for our 2 for 1 weekends are the third weekend of every month. Entry fee is only $10.00 on these weekends.

Updated:Sept.27th 2015


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PBA Field Directions

Paintball Field - 7375 Reynolds Dr. Sedalia Co. 80135

We ar located just 7.2 miles South of C470 off of Santa Fe Drive(85). Just make a right onto Airport Road(South Bound from Santa Fe) than make a left onto Reynolds Drive(.2miles). Look out for our sign on the rightside about .2miles down make that right down the long dirt driveway and follow it into our parking lot! Information call 303-762-6160. 

Before you head down don't forget to fill out your waiver form to save time!(Click Here)

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Paintball Adventures Sadalia Field


110 Acres of wooded fields Large and small group reservations On and off field rentals Private parties Open all year round All styles of play Call today 303-762-6160 Get your game on!
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